• Fuel

    Erdagi Petrol A.S. has served with operating fuel stations as dealer of Total and Petrol Ofisi between 1979 and 2012. Since 2012, it has continued its operations in fuel sector with the import-export and transit trade of petroleum and petroleum products.

  • Mine

    ERER Madencilik Ltd. Sti has made several infrastructure investments for the production in the grounds of a mine at Catalca, Istanbul.

  • Medical Aesthetic

    Our polyclinic that was established in Florya, Istanbul has been active in medical aesthetic sector since 2006. (Florya Özel DR NURAN Polikliniği)

  • Erdağı Medical

    Erdagi Medikal; Our company has dealt with the trade of mesotherapy products, dermocosmetic products, dermal fillers and some medical products. (Mesomedica , Dermyal , Cosmo Science)

  • Forest Products

    Our company has been active in marketing lumber industry in the manufacturing plant in Manisa, Turkey since 2012.

  • Foreign Trade

    Erdagi Ic ve Dis Ticaret Loj. Ltd. Sti. has made the transit trade of several machine parts, industrial chemicals and food stuff since 2009. In addition, our company has been active in the import and transit trade of several medical products and petrochemical polymers since 2012.

  • Plastic

    Erdagi Ic ve Dis Ticaret Loj. Ltd. Sti. has been active in the import, export and distribution of plastic rawmaterial (petrochemical polymers) in Turkey market and world market since 2012.(ERDAĞI PLASTİK)